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Life moves pretty fast (to quote the wise Ferris Bueller). We freeze the moments that matter, so you can enjoy them forever.


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Brent captures the best of us.

“I’ve never felt good about myself in pictures, but Brent somehow captures the best of us. I feel really grateful that they’ve helped me hang onto the very best parts of growing my family.”

- Natalie Adams

A soon-to-be-bride

a brand new mom

Kids who seem to grow and change every day

Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped couples and families in the Tampa Bay area and beyond document every age and stage with professional photography. 



We’re Brent + Dawn!

A husband-and-wife duo dedicated to helping you mark the meaningful milestones and spontaneous moments (and making sure you look darn good for every single one).

If you’re like most of our clients, posing for the camera doesn’t exactly come naturally. We totally get it (we like it better behind the camera too!). The last thing you want hanging on your living room wall is an 80s-style prom pose, right? That’s why we give you guidance and art direction every step of the way, so your photos look natural, candid, and effortless — not stiffly posed.

We’ve been doing this for 30 years and have photographed more than 3,000 sessions in and around the Tampa Bay area, so we know a thing or two about capturing the best lighting, posing you the most flattering way, instantly identifying your “good side,” and getting reluctant kids to crack their true smile (we’re not above making fart noises or breaking into a silly dance in the name of getting the perfect shot).

From the moment we meet, our goal is to help you feel relaxed, so your unique, natural selves can shine through.


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You put a ring on it (cheers!). We’ll help you commemorate your engagement in style (no cheesy poses required). Planning to propose? We’ll help you plan and capture the big moment.


They say the days are long, but the years are short. Document this life-changing experience with maternity and/or newborn photos. You’ll be so glad you did.

maternity + Newborn

You’ll always remember them this way. They grow up so fast! Capture the ones you love most at every age and stage. 


Earn the title of “Coolest Parent Ever” with senior portraits your grad will actually want to share on Instagram.


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... an amazing photographer.

“What an awesome shoot! Brent is an amazing photographer. My session was easy with his direction and he worked great with getting my boys to relax and have fun.”

- Erin Sommers

Their photos have this glow.

“The lighting is absolutely stunning and Brent’s eye is amazing. Their photos just have this glow. We’ve done 4 family sessions with them and he always makes my kids laugh hysterically.”

- Morgan Hyde

I am in love with my photos!

“I am so in love with my photos! I honestly didn’t know I could look so beautiful. Brent was so great and really took the time to make sure he captured such beautiful moments."

- Alexandra Gonzalez

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We’re known for that signature “Angela Clifton” glow. Want to get a feel for our style? Step inside our gallery.


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