Photography Classes in Tampa

Want to be your own family photographer, capture the beauty that Florida has to offer, or just explore your love of photography?

Then we’ve got the class for you!

  • Come learn the skills you need to be a great photographer while enjoying the great outdoors!

  • All classes include instruction, Q&A sections and hands-on training.

  • We’ll have you fulfilling those shutterbug dreams in no time.

Give us a call and we’ll get you registered. Let’s get started!

  • In our 3hr Beginner Class, you will learn the foundational skills of becoming a great photographer. We will review the manual settings (ISO, aperture and shutter speed) on your DSLR camera. From instruction and hands-on exercises, you learn the importance of these 3 settings; and how you can manually choose a setting to get your desired results. We also review the basics and importance of lighting and composition.
  • In our Intermediate Class, we review and expound on what you learned in our Beginner Class and explore lens choice. You learn how to choose the best lens for any given situation to achieve your desired result. We also further explore lighting and composition choices.
  • In our Advanced Class, we build on what you have learned in our Beginner and Intermediate Class – putting these skills together. You also learn tips on working with subjects, as well as, how to utilize a flash properly.

All classes held at John Chesnut, Sr Park, 2200 E Lake Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Beginner Classes

  • Saturday, 8/8/15 from 10a-1p

Intermediate Classes

  • TBD

Advanced Classes

  • TBD

Classes are $99/each or all for $249. Click here to check out our current specials.

Workbooks we use in class are available for purchase for $20.

We also offer individual instruction to meet you at your level of experience and expertise.

Individual instruction $149/hr with customizable rates for multiple hours.